100 kilometers Vitosha mountain run


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I love to jump into „deep, unknown, unfriendly“ even „waters“ just for the fun to challenge myself. I follow my inner devil feelings and leave somewhere behind me my thoughts, the red lights coming from my brain. Not smart at all I know!

Vitosha 100 km round

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From time to time I have this urge to try things that make me leave my comfy zone. „Vitosha 100 km round“ is a great example of how blind I can be, how irresponsible towards me & yet what a great adventure I had: 84 kilometers full with colorful emotions! After 15 hours and 20 minutes I gave up. Yope, wasn’t easy to do it. I had wounds and every step was quite painful, but my „Ego“ suffered much more. 😉 The truth is I had more than 4 hours and 30 minutes to cross the finish line; I had plenty time even if I had to creep…but once your brain is obsessed with the physical pain, you are dead! This is a great lesson – you have to be mentally strong to embrace the pain, to accept it and to continue till the end… Now I know it and I am sure next time when we meet I will be ready.

„Vitosha 100 km round“ is an amazing venture: beautiful views, heights, slightly stony paths, mud, midnight run with headlamp, daily run under hot sun, cumulative altitude difference 2000-2500m…you have it all! Plus full moon 🙂 It was soooo beautiful, sooo unrealistic …I had chance to run some time by myself in the forest and my only „friend“ was this round creature. The headlamp wasn’t bad, but this narrow illuminated corridor wasn’t enough enough… It sounds silly, but I wasn’t scared. Strange as I am afraid to be alone in such places, especially at this hours.

At exactly midnight the start was given and 350 people with excitement, smiles took the road. We had 20 hours to complete the mountain round and 7 hours before 650-700 cyclists will hit the same road. I met some of them around 10:00 in the morning and its quite tough to be „nice“ and to quickly clear the way. At this point of time you have no idea where you are and what you do /some clearly do :), but literally after 12-15 hours out there the last thing you need is to make „changes“ left /right. To be honest most of the cyclists were sooo great and do their best to encourage you wishing you luck and telling you how great you are! So boys – Thank you!

I am really happy I had a chance to see how far I can go and now I know that with more serious training, with strong mental attitude / right state of mind this 100 kilometers will be a piece of cake. Ok maybe not so easy, but definitely there is enough time to cross the finish line. I am not ready to run it all the way, but some mix running / fast walking will do the magic.

Soooo, I will try this September some 120 kilometers in much tough mountain conditions 😉 🙂 You never know – this time I might finish the competition!

p.s. One thing that I will change is my running shoes /need to buy special one for mountain running/.